Monty Python get it

Monty Python’s sales went up 23,000% – that’s not a typo, it’s twenty-three thousand(!!!) percent – when they started adding their clips to YouTube. Something FOM clearly doesn’t understand.



Jonathan Noble gets it

“So if it’s not the teams, Ecclestone or Briatore who have the answer to F1’s falling audience figures, then who should it be? Well, they are sitting right in front of every single person on the pitwall: it’s the fans.”

Jonatha Noble – F1’s definitioin of insanity (subscription required)


Jon Noble has it right – what’s wrong with F1? Ask the fans!

The problem at the moment is there is no association of fans to provide that voice – we suggest the GPFA to provide that voice.


Will Buxton gets it

“The problem, however, is that there seems to be a belief that it is the show itself that is to blame. Some seem to believe that the sport no longer grasps the imagination as it used to. They believe that the product has to change to adapt to a new generation.

They are wrong.”

Will Buxton – New Coke


F1 does not need to make wholesale changes to it’s product, sure we might like some minor tweaks, but overall the racing of recent years has been excellent.

There are significant improvements that F1 needs to make to bring the marketing, distribution and business model into the 21st Century.


Give fans a voice

It has become apparent to me that the most important stakeholders in Formula 1 – the fans – do not have a voice. The current situation has deteriorated so far, and current administrators so far out of touch, that convicted cheater Flavio Briatore has been asked for his opinion on how to improve F1. There appears to have been no real attempt to engage fans on what they think needs changing in our sport. F1 in 2014 has provided some enthralling races, but at the same time has had those at the top of the sport slamming the noise and spectacle of this years cars.

The lack of a stakeholder group for fans also leads to misuse of fans’ voice, a recent example was the Ferrari ‘survey’ earlier this year which was nothing more than a mouthpiece for president Luca Di Montezemolo.

To further the cause of safety the Grand Prix Drivers Association was formed. To further the cause of fan engagement in F1 I am proposing an association of fans, the Grand Prix Fans Association.

To get involved please email